NO PLANS THIS WEEKEND is a highly edited half-hour improv sketch comedy show. Watch full episodes at

Some sketch shows take a single joke and beat it to death for five minutes. We can do it in half that time.

Created by Alek Lev
Directed by Alek Lev and Joel Viertel
Music and Sound by Justin Asher
Cinematography by Timmy Vatterott, Jesse Alson-Milkman, and Colin Weatherby


Jeff Meacham, Jeremy Guskin, Christy Meyers, John Newman, Kay Daigle, Trevor Murphy, Josh Breslow, Jonica Patella, Woodwyn Koons, Emily Eiden, Mercedes Manning, Reedy Gibbs, Curtis Williams, Molly Fite, Lauren Brown, Lynn Chen

"Beautiful Again"
Words and Music by John Newman
Performed by Sara Lev
Featuring Katie Boeck
wih Justin Asher and The Unplanned Band