Origin Story, Part 5: The Sound

While you can do a little jiggy-wiggy-hanky-panky (technical term) around spending too much on lighting, there is no substitute for hiring someone who really knows how to record sound, and who has great mics.  If you can't hear the jokes, they're definitely not going to be funny.  (But the corollary applies; if the jokes suck, go with the cheapest mics you can find.)

However, there is a substitute for paying for a good sound person: Make sure you went to high school with one, and that you both moved to the same city.  Done and done.  The great Justin Asher agreed to come on board to handle all things sound-related.  That meant getting the sound gear, setting it up, recording the dialogue and mixing it all when the editing was done. Oh.  And then there was music.  And Justin is a Musician with a capital everything.  And he will also be writing and recording the theme music, and all the music that appears throughout. 

As of the writing of this blog, the situation is this: I thought that from our four days of shooting, we would be able to make two full episodes.  But it's now looking like we will actually be able to make THREE episodes out of this original material.  Which means that Justin has THREE shows to mix, and THREE episodes of music to create.

Who wants to tell him?