Production Day 1: The Parkist

Storyboards for The Parkist.  (Shhh... we planned a little.)

Storyboards for The Parkist.  (Shhh... we planned a little.)

And then, it was time to make this thing.  Our first day of shooting May 30, 2015 and I arrived early with Joel, Justin, and Colin to set up.  How much planning went into Day 1 of No Plans?  I brought with me seven or eight sketch concepts, along with the script and storyboards to our "The Parkist" trailer.  I knew roughly who was going to be coming, and roughly for how long.  And we knew where we would be ordering lunch from.  Them's was the plans.

We started with The Parkist, which itself was not exactly a reason for doing No Plans, but being able to shoot something like this was definitely a corollary benefit.  I had written several silly shorts over the last few years, and never got around to shooting them.  Planning is just the death of these things.  You start out with something that seems so easy, and then pre-production is the time for killing hopes and dreams and puppies.  Too expensive, too complicated, etc. 

With No Plans, I just decided that I Am Going to Make The Parkist.  That means, by definition, it wouldn't be too expensive.  It would cost nothing.  And it couldn't be too complicated, because there was no budget and we'd only have a few hours.  It also meant that I would have to sacrifice a little bit in terms of visual quality.  No one would watch this and think that we actually shot an expensive movie.  Like the rest of No Plans, the jokes would have to work without the benefit of production value.   

With those limitations, I created a new script and new storyboards and on Day 1, we shot most of the piece, with a few pick-ups coming on future days.  It was a great lesson.  Don't let yourself want too much, and it's amazing what you can get done.  Confucius says.