Origin Story, Part 1: How it Happened

One of the original logo concepts by graphic designer Matt Daigle.

One of the original logo concepts by graphic designer Matt Daigle.

It all happened like this: I was at work, and the thoughts came to me very quickly: I really wanted to shoot some short silly things.  I really didn't want to write any more short silly things, because I had written several of them, and never got around to making them.  So if I did want to shoot, but I didn't want to write, there was only one answer: improvise.  

I had already been involved in two feature films with entirely improvised dialogue.  I acted in the film CONVENTIONEERS  and had made a film myself called READY OR NOT. In both of these, the storylines were meticulously laid out, but the dialogue was left up to the actors in the moment.  So the idea of improvising at length didn't scare me.  In fact, nothing about the idea scared me.  And that scared me.  

Honestly, I thought that this would work.  That is to say, I felt that -  along with a team of collaborators I have worked with for years - we could make this.  Would it be funny?  Well, that's not really something you ever know until it's in front of an audience.  At a certain point, if you want to make something funny, you just have to trust that you and your team are funny, and go for it.  And then if it's not funny, stop going for it.  

The name came immediately.  I thought that I should shoot it on a weekend, when I could open the doors and just have my actor-friends show up whenever they wanted to, and we would keep shooting as long as there was daylight.  We would have no plans.  And you'd have to have no plans that weekend in order to join us.  So: No Plans This Weekend.  Done and done.  It also had the benefit of being able to be shorted to NPTW, and along with SNL and SCTV and NNTN, it felt like it would be in good initial-ized company.  And maybe most importantly, the website was available.  If it weren't, you might now be watching NoPlansThisSatAndSunShow2015c.

At that point, I started inviting my friends to come and play...