Why No Plans This Weekend Loves our Web Hosts, Squarespace

(And it's not because they are sponsoring us, because they aren't.  Yet.)

Squarespace does not sponsor No Plans This Weekend.  In fact, I am paying money to them to host this website.  And so I am beholden to no one when I say, free and clear: Squarespace is fucking awesome, and if you have a website, you should host it with them, and if you don't have a website, you should get one, then host it with them.

Simply put, these sites are beautiful, right?  In 2015, being proud of a website is a bit like showing off your Jordache white wash, or your I Scream for Howard Dean lawn sign, but with Squarespace, websites can be the face of a sleek and modern online presence.

Easy to make?  Fuck a nun, these are easy to make.  There's no coding at all.  You start with one of their great templates, and you can adjust everything from there.  You can add text, videos, links to social media, you can sell stuff, everything.  Now, "easy" doesn't necessarily mean that you can do it all by yourself.  But that's okay.  Because they've got tech support.  

And holy shit, the Squarespace tech support is so good, I look for problems to have just so that I can write to them.  They have no phone support, but instead, they have 24-hour email support.  That is, any time of day, you write to them, and within just a few hours (and quite often, a few minutes), the write back.  But it's how and what  they write back that sets them apart. 

Firstly, they actually answer all your questions.  The more detailed the question, the more detailed the answer.  But they don't just write back.  They will actually show you solve the issue with a screen recording of them going through the steps on their end.  Crazy cool. 

(And all the mysterious stuff about linking your URL to their site, or buying the URL through them, or setting up an optional Google Apps account with them... stupid easy.  Just stupid.)

So shout out to everyone from Squarespace who tech supported me through this process: Christian, Sam, Guylherme, Doug, Dan, Hilger, Isabel, Alexis, Nolan, Mauro, Katie, Bryce, Randi, Clarice and the good and great Shanna.  You all might be sick of me, but I can't never get me enough of y'all.

Again, no, Squarespace does not sponsor either No Plans This Weekend.  Now, would I like them to?  Well, sure.   Hell, I'd like to sponsored by anyone... General Motors, Exxon Mobile, even that asshole Donald Trump.  But then again, none of them are as caring, helpful, or good-looking as the folks at Squarespace.  But we haven't really launched yet, so I'm not even going to ask them about sponsoring the show.  Not yet, anyway.

Squarespace: Fucking awesome websites.