Alek Lev Series Creator Director/Editor   

Alek Lev
Series Creator


Born on February 12, 1809 in a log cabin in Hodgenville, Kentucky, Alek soon moved to Indiana before finally settling in Spingfield, Illinois. After a short stint in Congress and a successful career in law, Alek was elected 16th president of the United States. Credits include: Gettysburg Address, saving the Union, and appearing as "Todd" on CBS' How I Met Your Mother. Alek is the creator of No Plans this Weekend and was shot and killed on April 14th, 1865.

Joel Viertel Director

Joel Viertel

Joel Viertel is listed on as having produced, directed, written and edited some stuff.   And appeared as himself once in something.  Look him up.  Or don't.

Just Asher Sound Design Music Composer

Just Asher
Sound Design
Music Composer

Justin Asher is a Los Angeles based composer and sound designer who started as a record producer and performer in the New York experimental, country and salsa scenes. An audio engineer and scholar, he is a crucial link in the safeguarding of mankind against the impending robot holocaust.


Jeff Meacham Cast

Jeff Meacham

Jeff Meacham currently plays Josh on ABC's Blackish and Principal Bradford on Nickelodeon's The Thundermans. His sign is Aries. Waist 34, Inseam 32. Hazel eyes. Born at 8:12pm. Circumcised.

Jeremy Guskin Cast

Jeremy Guskin

Jeremy Guskin, originally from New York City, has urgent need of you're help.I’m writing this with tears in my eyes, I and my family presently on a short trip to Istanbul, Turkey. Unfortunately, I was robbed in the hotel I booked, all my valuables which includes cash, mobile phones were stolen during the attack but luckily I still have my passport with me. I’ve been to the Embassy and the Police here but they are not taking the matter seriously. Please, I really need your financial assistance now because things are really getting tough on me here. Our flight leaves in few hours from now but we’re having problems settling the hotel bills and the hotel manager won’t let us leave until we settle the bills. Please, let me know if you can help us out? I’ll really appreciate your prompt response. Regards, Jeremy Guskin

Christy Meyers Cast

Christy Meyers

Christy Meyers TV: Scandal, Private Practice, Law & Order CI, Guiding Light. FILM: Sound of My Voice, Addison, Beautiful Kid, Madness & Genius. COMMERCIALS: A whole bunch. THEATRE: Stuff that didn't pay well. SPECIAL SKILL: Holistic Health Counselor. HUSBAND: Jeff. SON: Jack. WAXING: Brazilian.

 John Newman Cast

 John Newman

John Newman began his career at the Actor's Bathroom -- a non-profit theater sweatshop located in the Pong District of Drenton-on-Bloke, North London. From there he was cast as Stooge in a series of ten one-act plays written by acclaimed blind playwright Paggy Wreeth. As a writer, his own works have been produced basement-wide and translated into almost no languages. In 2018, Newman was awarded a Carillo Genius Grant for his play Run When They Catch You But Walk If You're Slow, a grim historical chronicling coyote genocide on the Eurasian Steppe -- to make matters worse, Run was written entirely in blank verse. After exhausting all but a syrupy drop of his creative au jus, John has now settled into corporate middle management, excited to be part of the team that brought you canvas sunglasses and wind powered wrist watches at Foozle: products with purpose.

Kay Daigle Cast

Kay Daigle

Kay Daigle has performed in every crappy show imaginable. From murdering people in murder mystery theater in DC to being cut in half in magic shows in Branson Missouri. Her characters Wolfgal and Nightmare Alice attracted weird funnel cake eating groupies which haunted her dreams for years. She spent the following years in a noncrappy deaf touring theater company where she met and married her even more noncrappy husband. In 2008, they painted their wagon drove out west from small town South Dakota to pursue a dream of sitting in traffic and paying three times the amount for rent for 1/3 the space.

Trevor Murphy Producer/Cast

Trevor Murphy

Trevor Murphy appears in films, TV shows, and plays that typically end badly for his character. Favorite roles include teaching Vincent van Gogh how to pick up chicks (doesn’t work out), hitting on Rory on Gilmore Girls (she cries), appearing in horror flick Ready or Not (in which he’s not ready enough), hitting high notes as Jesus (you know how that ends), and being punched in the face in multiple movies (playing a Hollywood type in Strictly Sexual, and fighting a giant Centipede! in India). Excited to see if No Plans bucks the trend.

Josh Breslow Cast

Josh Breslow

Josh Breslow graduated from Columbia University, Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, Livin' La Vida Loca, resisted writing this bio in Latin, used his diploma to get a job at the Apple Store out of college, and hasn't used it since. He might be able to fix your iPhone, but probably not. Josh's credits are here at IMDB, plus he has done a bunch of theater in LA and NY, but he grew up in LA so it's easier for him to network and get jobs here that he may or may not deserve. Josh enjoys being self-effacing, and although he's somehow never seen a shrink, he imagines she would tell him this comes from a deep seeded fear of disappointing his ancestors, who survived the holocaust so he could make something of his life…

Jonica Patella Cast

Jonica Patella

Jonica Patella hails from beautiful Dickville, PA.  Her family, Jules and Peter Schwanz were hard on her as a wee wee girl, because she was chubby.  At the first cock crow, she thought only of slipping a sausage in her mouth, not raising a tool in her hand.  Her parents didn't spare the rod, but Jonica was full of spunk and soon learned to play the organ.  She thrilled to make each enormous shaft of the instrument tremble just by pulling its knob of polished wood.  This sense of power inspired her to try acting, so Jonica moved to Hollywood, where she still lives with her pet, a one-eyed anaconda.

Woodwyn Koons Cast

Woodwyn Koons

Hey, let's not put a label on what's unfolding between us, okay? I've just found that when we label things they get fucked up. If you can be free and I can be free, then we can be free together.

Emily Eiden Cast

Emily Eiden

Emily Eiden has been bitten by a wild monkey in Thailand, an iguana in South Central L.A. and a purse dog in the desert. In her spare time, she lends her voice to audiobooks, video games, and cartoons like Clarence, TripTank, and a top secret series made especially for nerds like her husband, who just bit her. 

Mercedes Manning Cast

Mercedes Manning

Mercedes Manning’s first name is not pronounced like the car. Think merciful. Or mercenary. Depending on how she’s feeling that day. Catch her taking her clothes off on Hulu’s Strictly Sexual: The Series as the Type A, seductive Georgia, or staying buttoned up (unfortunately) opposite Patrick Wilson in Zipper as the Type A, dauntless Henrietta.

Reedy Gibbs Cast

Reedy Gibbs

Reedy Gibbs grew up in Louisville, Ky. where, at a very early age, her acting career began. She survived being the baby of six siblings by honing her skills. Reedy "acted" her way out of life threatening situations, played dead perfectly to avoid even worse fates and performed at the drop of a hat to keep the restless natives happy or at least subdued. Reedy studied at both The Goodman Theatre and The Second City in Chicago, Illinois where she also subsisted by doing a butt-load of commercials, industrial films, TV shows, plays and films.Reedy came out to Los Angeles more than twenty years ago to continue her acting career and has even tiptoed into writing and producing. She is absolutely thrilled to be working with this incredible bunch of wildly creative Nut Jobs!

Curtis Williams Cast

Curtis Williams

Prior to pursuing the career of a business person, Curtis pursued the career of acting like a business person - he wore suits in numerous episodics such as Law & Order, Law & Order SVU, Law & Order CI, Law & Order STD and Law & Order LMFAO.  In addition to performing opposite Mary Louise Parker in the Broadway production of Reckless and originating the role of Denis McCleary in Richard Greenberg's, The Violet Hour, Curtis also starred as the sexiest mistake in the Oxygen Channel's My Sexiest Mistake, which was definitely not softcore porn. You may also recognize Curtis as a former winner of the New Yorker Caption Contest, a feat he considers a much bigger deal than almost everyone he encounters.

Molly Fite Cast   

Molly Fite


Molly Fite is a native of Vancouver, Washington, and has been told that she has a good voice for puppets. Her favorite animals are otters and hedgehogs. She performs stand-up, sketch, and improv comedy all over Los Angeles and has trained at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, I.O. West, The Groundlings, and The Second City. She writes and performs with her sketch team Raffle at I.O. West and hosts No Pressure: A Storytelling Show also at I.O West. She most recently performed for the second year at The All Jane and No Dick Comedy Festival, The Bridgetown Comedy Festival, The Ventura Comedy Festival, The Burbank Comedy Festival, The Women in Comedy Festival, SheDot, and The Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Lauren Brown Cast

Lauren Brown

Lauren has been acting since she was a young girl on the east coast when at that time...she hated it. All she wanted to do was play her friends in the backyard. Later in life, Lauren woke up in the middle of the night with the strong desire to join an acting class and has never looked back. With experience in theater, film and television she has enjoyed every opportunity that has come her way. Lauren is hoping that being a part of "No Plans" will sharpen her skills, keep her on her toes and performance ready at every moment for her series regular gig as "Mom". While her youngest still smiles at anything... her toddler can be a bit of a tough crowd.

Lynn Chen   Cast

Lynn Chen

Lynn is an actor, ice cream expert, and body image activist.

Katie Boeck   Singer

Katie Boeck

Katie Boeck is a Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, musician and actress.  She's been featured on HBO's The Newsroom and in Deaf West's recent remounting of Spring Awakening.  (Editor's note: Since the writing of this bio, Katie and the cast of Spring Awakening have moved the show to freakin' Broadway!!)

Jesse Alson-Milkman Videographer

Jesse Alson-Milkman

You need a bio from me, too?  Ugh...

Colin Weatherby is 225lbs of pure flesh and bone and he's got a whit like a butter knife. You can find him most days producing videos for Buzzfeed Motion Pictures. Sometimes he likes to ride bicycles. His favorite food is strawberries and he loves Flamin' Hot Cheetos. But who doesn't, right?